4 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

Summer is here and with it, a season of storms. And if you’re concerned about storm damage to your home or business, there are few things you can do now to prevent destruction later. In the event that your property has already succumbed to storm damage, it’s important to contact a professional who can assess the extent of the damage you can’t immediately see.

But if you want to keep ahead of whatever the wind may blow your way this storm season, SERVPRO® of Cumberland County shares their tips for preventing storm damage to your property below.

  1. Trim the Trees

Deadwood isn’t just a great TV show—it’s a hazard for your home or business. If you have trees surrounding your house, it’s important to remove any dead wood and trim the branches down. By doing so, you’re “cutting” the risk of branches falling in heavy winds that could land on your roof, go through a window, hit your vehicle, or damage other property in yours or a neighbor’s yard.  

  • Keep an Eye on the Roof

Storm or no storm, it’s good to get in the habit of inspecting your roof on a regular basis. But in the case of a storm, it’s particularly important. SERVPRO® of Cumberland County suggests if your roof is older than five years, you should have concern about loose nails, shingles, and sheathing. In high winds, portions of your roof can completely dislodge, leaving your property exposed to a flurry of other problems caused by storm damage. 

  • Secure Rogue Objects

Once you catch wind that a storm is blowing through town, take action to secure rogue objects that can cause damage or be damaged in high winds. Things like lawn chairs, tables, and grills. Even decorative yard items like wind chimes can cause storm damage under certain conditions. Secure these items or store them someplace to keep them from doing damage.

  • Drain the Drains

Cluttered gutters and downspouts are often a problem area for homeowners and business owners alike in a storm. Rainwater should be able to flow freely through your system and be carried away from your property’s foundation in a storm, say the Franchise Professionals at SERVPRO® of Cumberland County.

Has your property been affected by storm damage? The Franchise Professionals at SERVPRO® of Cumberland County are on-call around-the-clock with 24-hour emergency service so you don’t have to weather the storm alone. Contact them today to learn more about storm damage prevention or if your home or business is in need of assistance: (856)-692-0041.

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