5 Popular Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to your kitchen, the cabinetry you choose can dramatically change not only the functionality of your kitchen but the way that it looks as a whole. The many available types of wood for kitchen cabinets offer distinct characteristics that contribute greatly to the overall vibe of your space. Nuances in the types of wood for kitchen cabinets can also make a great difference in your kitchen (and your wallet!).

The experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork understand the types of wood for kitchen cabinets are many. They break down some of the most popular wood types in kitchens from coast-to-coast, so you can make an informed decision while shopping.


Alder wood is softer than many other wood species. It has a rustic feel and is great for dark finishes or stains. If you’re looking to create the perfect country kitchen on a budget, alder wood may be your best bet.


If you’re looking for a rich, traditional wood to deck out your kitchen, cherry wood may be a perfect fit. Its smooth texture and rich color bring warmth to any space. It stains well but darkens over time.


Hickory is one of the strongest, most durable American woods. This wood is known for having specific granular patterns and knots. So, if you’re going for the cozy cabin vibe, hickory will bring the deeps woods into the kitchen.


The clean grain pattern of maple gives a consistent look and texture, making it perfect for more contemporary kitchen design. The color of maple is often more uniform than other woods with different hues. Maple is also notorious for not taking well to stain.


Oak is one of the most traditional types of wood for kitchen cabinets, say the experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork. It’s a very durable option that can take a beating from curious kids and still look like new. Like cherry wood, oak takes well to stain, but its color mellows over time from exposure to light.

Every species of wood has its own character. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look for less by mimicking wood you want but can’t quite afford. Chances are, you can find a copycat wood that gives the effect of more expensive species when finished and stained!

Ready to elevate your expectations of what a kitchen can be? Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork wants to take your cabinetry design to the next level. They offer free estimates on kitchen cabinet installations and inventory. Visit their 5,000 SF showroom at 4019 South Main Road in Vineland, NJ to see their specialty styles of cabinets.

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