5 Summer Learning Activities to Keep Kids Engaged Over Break

Summer recess is a time for family, a time for fun, and a time for sand and sunshine. But to keep kids learning over summer break before the school bell rings in September, there are fun ways to introduce summer learning activities to your child’s routine, so they can continue to grow. The instructors at Toddlers ‘N Tots say in order to keep kids learning over break, summer learning activities should be fun, engaging, and creative. The more they know, the more they grow—and so, you’ll want to keep kids learning over summer (and anytime they’re home!).

Here are five summer learning activities to keep kids engaged over break.

Paint by numbers

Who doesn’t love to paint? For those summer days that aren’t all sand and sunshine, painting by numbers is a great way to stimulate recognition of colors and numbers by matching paint to a value. You can find printouts online or clear plastic window hangers at any craft store near you.

Encourage reading

Depending on your child’s age and mastery of language, having your child read (or reading to them) is a great way to stimulate learning, say the instructors at Toddlers ‘N Tots. A connection with words on a page is a powerful thing—and your child will accelerate his or her mastery of language by connecting with the words in a story. Keep kids learning over summer break with the written word.

Write a story together

Take that last tip one step further and sit down with your child to write a sequel to their favorite story. Encourage critical thinking by discussing plot, characters, and how the illustrations will expound their writing (and their imaginations!).

Make the most of your tablet

Virtual learning has never been more widespread or accessible. And the instructors at Toddlers ‘N Tots encourage parents to make use of electronics to keep kids learning over summer break. Take advantage of your tablet or smart phone with fun, educational apps available for download. From numbers and letters to puzzles and problem solving, there are endless options for every age (even adults!).

Get kids involved in summer camp

There are a lot of reasons why summer camp is a great experience for children. From learning leadership skills and working together with peers, your child will no doubt enjoy summer learning activities at a summer camp near you!

Are you looking for summer learning activities that will keep your child engaged and growing over summer break? The Super Summer Camp at Toddlers ‘N Tots Preschool is the perfect camp for ages five through eleven. Learn more about their Super Summer Camp and visit their website to find out more on fall enrollment.

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