5 Tips for Renting an Ocean City Beach House

Renting an Ocean City, NJ beach house requires a keen eye. You need to have the ability to distinguish between a good investment and a bad one. The beach house should meet your requirements and have certain qualities that make renting it a worthwhile investment. What exactly do you need to look for when renting an Ocean City, NJ beach house?

Monihan Realty, the experts in renting, selling, and buying beach homes in Ocean City NJ,  provides you with tips for renting a beach house in everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore destination:

1.    Read the Beach House Contract

Every contract is different. Read the contract to find out what is included in your rental. For instance, you may need to clean the beach house before you leave. If a cleaning service is provided, you need to know who is paying for it.

Through the contract, you will also know if the beach house has Wi-Fi, a gas grill, and if pets are allowed or not. You will also know if you need to buy beach tags or if are they included. Check to see if parking is available and if it is, the number of cars the beach house can accommodate.

2.    Rent Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, and Bicycles

You do not have to bring your own bicycles, beach chairs, and umbrellas to Ocean City, NJ, as you can easily rent them. Look for shops in Ocean City that will rent these must-have beach items.

3.    Bring Your Own Towels and Linens

Many beach house rentals do not provide tenants with towels and linens. Most likely, you will need to pack your own towels and linens. Another option is to rent linens and towels instead. Just like with beach gear, it is a good idea to check to see what shops in Ocean City, NJ offer this service, and their pricing, so you can stock up on towels and linens accordingly.

4.    Rent through a Realtor

By renting a beach house through a realtor, you will receive several options based on your needs and preference, with complete details on each beach house, conveniently on their website. Depending on your requirements, you can narrow down your search results.

Using a realtor makes the renting process much easier. If you need to inquire more about a beach house you are interested in renting, you can contact one of the realtors from the company and they will help to walk you through finding the beach house that fits your budget, family size, and length of stay. They take the stress out of planning your vacation in Ocean City, NJ.

If you’re ready to rent a beach home in Ocean City, NJ, Monihan Realty is your go-to realtor for your Ocean City beach home needs. They’ve been helping families to enjoy their shore vacations since 1947. Contact them here or give them a call at 609.399.0998.

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