Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Think way back to your summers as a child. Chances are, at some point, you attended summer camp every week or as a guest of a friend. And whether you were hoarding marshmallows at sleepaway camp or making friendship bracelets at a local day camp near home, that experience became a cherished memory. The benefits of summer camp for kids are an important part of their growth, according to instructors at Toddlers ‘N Tots Preschool. Because summer camp is a place where kids can be kids.

And if you’re searching for the benefits of summer camp, you’re probably considering sending your child this summer. Here are the top benefits of summer camp for kids according to Toddlers ‘N Tots Preschool.

Getting social

The social experience of a summer camp will have a lasting impact on your child—for the better. The classroom categorizes kids on age. And interacting with kids of different ages will help your child develop new social skills that may be unfamiliar. It will nurture leadership, encourage participation, and nourish communication among peers. Not to mention, they can build life-long friendships in a matter of weeks!

Building character

Along with newly-gained social skills, character building is among the many benefits of summer camp for kids. Through interactive activities, kids learn about themselves. They learn responsibility, independence, and self-respect by being present and participating with their peers. Following instructions and learning from counselors will help children learn more about themselves and establish a sense of individuality.

Physical activity

Summer camp is a wonderful way for kids to unplug from technology through physical activity. With various sports and games, being active will help kids interact with peers outside the classroom while exercising through healthy activities. Getting active through sports and games with peers is just one of many benefits of summer camp or kids.  

Learning skills

In addition to being social and staying active, children will learn valuable skills at summer camp. Enhancing sports abilities and nurturing creativity through crafts will help your child to become more well-rounded. Learning to work with others to accomplish a goal encourages teamwork and perseverance. Camp keeps kids curious—and that’s one of the many benefits of summer camp for kids.    

Looking for a “super” summer camp for your child? For 37 year, the Super Summer Camp organized by Toddlers ‘N Tots has offered weekly events and activities to keep children engaged and curious. Running from June 17th to August 30th, this 11-week summer camp is the perfect place for kids who want to be kids. Learn how you can sign up by visiting them on the web.

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