How to Clean Wood Cabinets

Depending on how often you clean (or cook!) in your kitchen, your cabinets may be harboring some pretty gnarly stuff. And if you have little ones running around, you don’t want them picking up (or putting down) grease and germs as far as your cabinets are concerned. If you’re wondering how to clean wood cabinets, there are methods you can try. The process of cleaning kitchen cabinets is a rather simple one. However, you want to be sure your methods will be safe on wood and not warp or remove its finish.

The experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork in Vineland, NJ offer their tips on how to clean wood cabinets without creating damage.

Everyday Cleaning

For an everyday clean that will remove grease, food, and other buildup on wood cabinets, use vinegar and water. Mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of warm water for a mild cleaning solution that’s safe on wood. Wipe the surface of your cabinets with the mixture using a towel or dishcloth, then dry with a clean cloth. You want to ensure there is no water dripping left on the surface when you finish.

Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork suggests wiping down cabinets each time you cook. You’d be surprised how much grease can accumulate from just a few cooking sessions! And if you’re worried about the pungent vinegar smell, it will dissipate after the cabinets dry.

Deep Cleaning

So, you tried the vinegar and water method, but the buildup is too much for a simple solution. You may be wondering how to clean wood cabinets so that no trace of grease is left behind. There are a number of commercial cleaners made specifically for tough grease on wood. Try an oil soap cleaner to remove those tough-to-remove spots on cabinets.

Apply the oil soap with a soft cloth and wipe the solution over the surface of your cabinets. Be careful not to press too hard, as you don’t want to buff or remove the woods’ finish. Once you’ve applied the oil soap, go back over your cabinets with a clean cloth to remove all residue left on the surface. Then, use a furniture polish or wax to given your cabinets a sparkling clean.

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