Is My Business Ready for a Brand Refresh?

So, you’re ready to take your brand to the next level. Which path do you take? Does your brand need an overhaul or a fresh coat of paint? Before you decide, it’s important to understand how a rebrand and a brand refresh differ. That way, you’re better informed on the best course of action for your business.

Below, the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency in Glassboro, NJ explore the differences between a rebrand, a brand refresh, and how to decide which is right for you.


As you may deduce from the word, “rebrand,” there are a lot more moving parts when a company decides to completely rebrand their business. This can entail creating a new identity, telling a new brand story, establishing itself in a new market, and overhauling its image entirely. It’s not about changing a logo or product packaging. It’s a total transformation of the company.

Take Netflix for example. Once a DVD mail-delivery service, the company rebranded and shifted its focus. It’s now a trailblazer for streaming entertainment. All because the company knew they had to adapt or die. “A rebrand is about adapting, transforming, and evolving as a whole,” says Rebecca Kowalewicz, VP, Digital at Clearbridge Branding Agency.

Brand Refresh

A brand refresh, on the other hand, takes a more simplistic approach in transforming or helping a brand adapt. Think of it like a trip to the mall. You step into your favorite store and pick out a few new pieces of clothing. It’s the same you, just restyled. And those pieces will join a wardrobe you’ve already created.

Many top companies undergo a brand refresh all of the time, says Clearbridge Branding Agency. Most notably, you’ve seen brands alter their logos, drop parts of their names, or adopt acronyms as a way to simplify their aesthetic and move to contemporary design. Simplified logos and design trends have pushed brands into refresh, as outdated logos and packaging can hinder sales and reach. Refreshing a logo or packaging is often about taking the basics and making it sleeker, more streamlined without compromising identity.

Deciding Which is Right for You

So, which path should your brand take? It’s not always a question so easily answered. Clearbridge suggests auditing your business’s performance. Everything from sales to online engagement. This will give you a better idea of which path your brand should take.

Are you hitting the right target market? Does your aesthetic appeal to said market? Does your brand story come across to your consumer—or are they writing each chapter for you? Consumers will dictate any brand’s story, but it’s up to your brand to steer the ship.

Is your business ready for a brand refresh or rebrand? The experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency can help you navigate the path to a better, brighter business. Contact them today to learn how they can help bring your brand into the future!

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