Kitchen Cabinet Colors Taking Over 2020

So many kitchen cabinet colors, so little time to decide. When renovating your kitchen, you’re faced with many decisions. Cabinet style, wall color, backsplash, countertops, you name it. Making the right choice of all the kitchen cabinet colors available can be an undertaking. And you want to be smart about your choice so you won’t grow tired of the color over time. Keeping up on what’s trending now and will still be in style in another ten years may help you in your decision-making.

The experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork share these kitchen cabinet colors that are making a splash in 2020 and beyond.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors You Won’t Want to Miss

Blue and Navy

Who knew blue would be so popular this year? As Pantone’s color of the year for 2020, blue is a beautiful hue for kitchen cabinets. From brighter blues to classic navy, this kitchen cabinet color is a trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Black (particularly matte black) has gained popularity over the past year or two, and now that trend is growing in 2020. The fear of dark colors making a room feel smaller shouldn’t always be a concern. Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork says they’ve seen even small kitchens make use of black cabinets beautifully. If you want to go bold without being “too bold,” this trend may be perfect for your kitchen in 2020. 


From charcoal to smoke, shades of gray are more than a steamy novel series. Gray offers many color variations, with different hues tinged with warm or cool colors. And when it comes to cabinets, lighter grays make a great color choice for those who love neutrals but don’t want the almost-clinical feel of an all-white kitchen.

Elevation’s Observations: Bold Color

If you’re not afraid to go a little bolder with kitchen cabinet colors, the experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork share a few color trends they’ve seen popping up in kitchens. Canary yellow, deep plum, and mint green are all fresh and unique, but not so trendy that your kitchen will look like everyone else’s. Contrasting these colors with a neutral wall or backsplash can help ground your cabinets’ vibrance and make your space even more inviting.

Ready to pick your perfect cabinet color? Visit the showroom at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork at 4019 South Main Road in Vineland, NJ, or contact them today to learn how they can help make your dream kitchen a reality: 856.825.9002.

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