Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Pull It Off Effortlessly

If you have chosen mismatched bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids to wear at your wedding, you need to know the tips and tricks to pull it off. But what would you label as a mismatched bridesmaid dress? There are three categories of mismatched bridesmaid dresses — same dress style, but different colors, same dress color, but different styles, and different dress styles and different colors.

Whichever type of combination you have chosen for your bridesmaid, the key is to pull it off effortlessly. Here are a few tips you can use from Rienzi Bridal in Vineland, NJ, if you have chosen mismatched bridesmaid dresses:

1.    Less is More

In your eagerness to pick mismatched bridesmaid dresses, do not go overboard and end up choosing dresses with too many varying features. Just change one or two things about each dress to stick with your mismatched dresses theme. For instance, select different colors and necklines but in the same material or select different material, but same colored necklines.

2.    Look at Color on Sample, Not Swatches

Say no to swatches and yes to viewing color on samples. You should choose and combine different colors that look beautiful together. Therefore, be careful in picking the right colors. You need to check the color of the dress on the full-size sample and not on the swatch because colors can tend to appear different when on a full-size dress.

3.    Accessorize Their Outfit with Similar Accessories

Let the colors, styles, necklines, and features be different, but what needs to remain the same to tie the entire look together are the accessories, which should be identical. For instance, all your bridesmaids can wear a hairpiece or rhinestone belt. If you are alternating the colors of the dress, represent each color in the bouquet they carry.

4.    Go with One Designer

You can create a cohesive, yet a mismatched bridesmaids dresses look by going to only one designer for your dress needs. Let your bridesmaids select from different colors and styles, all created by the same designer. This will allow each bridesmaid to flaunt their own individual personality while still wearing an almost similar dress as other bridesmaids.

Soon-to-be-brides who are searching for mismatched bridesmaid dresses can visit Rienzi Bridal in Vineland, New Jersey. Can contact them to schedule an appointment and let them help create a mismatched bridal party that is fun and unique.

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