Recognizing Some of the Most Iconic Brands

Brand recognition is a vital part of any brand’s success—but how is it done? While there are more answers than can be explored in one article, what first comes to mind is logo use. Some of the most iconic brands in the world have branded themselves in ways that endure. In ways that make remembering them not a choice but a truth. Instant recognition of some of the most iconic brands is so common, it’s nearly subliminal.

Clearbridge Branding Agency gives at-a-glance reasoning to the logo recognition of some of the most iconic brands below.  

Color association

Sometimes you see a color and are immediately reminded of something. And in the case Starbuck’s forest green, chances are you see the brand when you see this color elsewhere. Color association is powerful. And when a company properly brands a color, consumers may associate that color with a company, says Clearbridge Branding Agency. And there are many iconic brands already using this method to their advantage.

Think about the hot pink hue of T-Mobile, Home Depot’s trademark orange, and the deep purple of Cadbury chocolate. These colors have become so closely associated to these iconic brands, we can almost see them everywhere.

But nothing quite compares to the robin’s egg blue of Tiffany & Co.—often referred to as “Tiffany blue.” When a brand can reach this level of recognition through a single color, there’s no refuting the power of branding.

Logo recognition

In many cases, iconic brands can become so recognizable, they can drop their name from their logos without ever losing notice. Think about Apple’s logo. You rarely see the company’s name coinciding with the emblem. Similarly, the Nike swoosh mark is arguably more recognizable than the Nike name itself.

There are countless other iconic brands that adopt this method of branding. Think of Target, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, Pizza Hut, or even PBS. You’d know their letterless logo without blinking twice!

But how does a brand become so iconic that it can drop its name from its logo without compromising recognition? The power of branding is alive, and when properly executed, can cement a company’s identity without every dropping its name (at least in the logo!).

Looking for the logo that will set your brand apart? Clearbridge Branding Agency, located in Glassboro, NJ, is well-adept at creating brands that not only shape public perception, but help to increase sales and market shares. Call 856.327.4141 or contact Clearbridge Branding to learn how they can assist your business.

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