What to Expect from Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival 2019

Are you a foodie? Well, you’re in luck. The Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival is coming up! And it’s everything you crave and more. If this is your first year attending, you’re in for a slice of heaven. And with so much cheesy pizza to choose and try, one thing is for sure: you’d better come hungry. The Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival takes place Saturday, June 15th from 12pm to 4pm. And there’s more than delicious pizza to enjoy at this year’s festival.

Taking place at the Navy Yard at 4747 South Broad Street in Philly, this event is a pizza-lovers dream. With all-you-can-eat pizza from over 30 of the region’s most iconic pizza brands, like chicken fajita or buffalo chicken pizza from Chank’s Pizza Cones, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into.

And while you’re chowing down on pizza cones or searching for the perfect slice, there’s more to enjoy than carb-loading. Enjoy live performances, music, and entertainers over six acres of festival fun in Philly’s historic Navy Yard. Get your fill, then wash it down with craft beer and drinks from local brewers and distilleries.

The second annual Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival will bring together the best pizzaiolos and culinary experts in the city and beyond. Join celebrated chefs in demos and Q&As, play games, see live podcasts, and enjoy the festival experience.

And with various DJs laying down the beats at this year’s Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival, you’ll have one hand free to wave in the air while you sink your teeth into a fresh and hot pizza cone. Get ready to update your Instagram story—there’s much to see and snap at this year’s festival.

Pizzadelphia also supports the community with their partnership with the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association. This year’s festival will benefit a scholarship fund for students interested in furthering their education in the hospitality industry.

The Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival is a family-friendly event with free parking available for ticketholders. Get tickets now by visiting PizzadelphiaFest.com, and be ready to get your fill on June 15th!

Chank’s Pizza Cones was founded in 2019 with one main goal in mind: portability. And if you love pizza like we do, Chank’s pizza truck is perfect for your next event, be it business luncheon, wedding, birthday party, graduation, or fundraiser. Learn more about their catering services, and contact them today for all upcoming events!

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