What to Pack for Vacation: Beach Edition

Whether you’re sunning yourself on the beaches of Ocean City, NJ this summer or taking a trip down the coast, it all starts with one question: what to pack for vacation? And while some of the items listed below may seem obvious, it’s the very reason they’re often forgotten! Making a list of what to pack for vacation is a great start.

The agents at Monihan Realty in Ocean City, NJ reveal the most-forgotten items in your suitcase and offer some tips on what to pack for vacation. Grab a pen and paper—it’s time to make your list!

#1: Phone chargers

Your battery is at 10% and—oh no!—you’ve forgotten your charger at home. Is there a worse way to start your vacay? Pack chargers for all of your wireless devices for the different rooms in your beach house or bungalow.

#2: Swimsuit

We know, this one’s pretty obvious. But it’s one of the most-forgotten items by beach-goers anywhere! You bought a few new suits and washed them the night before packing—and there they sit in the dryer while you’re en route to paradise. Pack three or four, and then check, double-check, and triple-check that they’re there. You don’t want to wear jeans to the beach.

#3: Laundry bag

Speaking of things you don’t want. You definitely don’t want a mountain of dirty laundry piling up in the corner of the master suite in your Ocean City beach house or hotel room. Bring along a hamper or laundry bag to stash away dirty clothes.

#4: First aid kit

You’re making guacamole on your first night in and you cut yourself while removing the pit from a pesky avocado. Did you bring a first aid kit? The kids are running on the porch of your beautiful beach house and little Lucas scrapes his knee. Did you bring the Neosporin? You get the picture.

#5: Sunscreen and lip balm

They’re no-doubt on your shopping list while stocking up on all the things you need for summer vacation. But did they make the bag? We don’t need to tell you the importance of sunscreen, but we will tell you the importance of packing it! And don’t forget a good lip balm with SPF for those lazy days at the beach when the sun is high. These should always be on your list of what to pack for vacation at the beach.

#6: Wine

Who doesn’t want to toast to a wonderful vacation the first night of their stay? Monihan Realty suggests purchasing a couple bottles of wine ahead of time from a discount liquor store near home. Prices may be marked up at your destination. And if you’re traveling to a dry town like Ocean City, NJ, you’ll have to head off the island to find your favorite merlot or moscato. So, it’s good to check that off your list in advance.

Monihan Realty is Ocean City’s go-to for beach rentals, buys, and sales. If you’re ready for fun and sun in Ocean City NJ, America’s Greatest Family Resort, head over to Monihan.com to start planning your summer vacation. You can also visit one of their two convenient office locations in Ocean City, NJ: 3201 Central Avenue or 717 Battersea Road. Call their Central Avenue location at 609.399.0998 or their Battersea Road location at 609.399.1311.

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